MyMaskology Makes The World of Beauty Smaller

MyMaskology is a beauty box subscription service, focusing on premium Asian face masks. MyMaskology provides consumers a personalised beauty box delivered to their door, containing the best of Asia’s face masks, each box is handpicked to meet the individual needs, analysing their skin types, beauty aspirations and goals.


MyMaskology’s mission is to become the market leader in connecting consumers to the global premium face masks industry.


MyMaskogly aims to remove the geographical, language, and technical barriers in connecting consumers across the globe to the world of premium Asian face masks.


MyMaskogly will achieve its mission and aim by sourcing premium face masks from across the globe, combining them in a single subscription box tailored to individual customer’s needs.

Our Edge

MyMaskology’s competitive edge is derived from its ability to source and select premium face masks from brands across the globe that are not readily accessible to consumers and combining them in a simple subscription box.

The Founder​

MyMaskology was founded in 2020 by Xinxin, a self-confessed mask addict. Xinxin wanted to create a community that will enable her to share her vast wealth of experience in the world of premium Asian face masks.

Before starting MyMaskology, Xinxin travelled the globe in search of the ultimate face masks, to meet every skin type. Xinxin wants to take the hassle away from her community and find them the perfect combination of masks.  Xinxin desires to make the world of beauty transcend borders and create a community of Maskologists that share her passion and love of Asian masks.