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All About Face Masks.

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Basking In The Glory with Face Masks

Parties are fun undoubtedly but indulging in sound sleep tops the enjoyment criteria. At least for me!

Beauty makeup only does miracles when you have well slept. I doubt if half-open eyes could go well with raving beauty makeup. A sound sleep of 7/8 hours daily can interfere with skin cell turnover; make you look fresh, fastening the damage cell repair procedure. But with busy life and workloads, completing the count of sleep hours gets difficult.

There is a shortcut! Face mask

Although face masks can’t replace slumber, it can rehydrate and plump up the dry skin cells. It can kick-start the repair process and helps combat various facial skin-related issues, in lesser time and without any assistance.

But guys make sure to choose the right face mask!

Read on, we are discussing varieties of face masks with their benefits.

1) Sheet Masks

Sheet masks work well for all skin types as these are based on different formulas. These are excellent for resistant skin types when their main component is serums. When made up of hyaluronic serums, it can naturally render skin firmness, plump look, rehydration, and glowing look. It can push serums deep into your skin and sweep the effects of the mask into your skin with its moisture content. Make sure you don’t rinse face after using a sheet mask.

Coated and drenched with concentrated serums, a sheet mask is the best beauty and relaxation shortcut in today’s busy life. Available at pocket-friendly prices and in portable packing, this mini beauty essential can be carried along anywhere for instant glow and fresh look.

No need for an urgent appointment with a parlor for a sudden party plan. Your mask will do a needed miracle!

2) Gel Mask

With the soothing and cooling effect as the priority, gel masks are great for dry and sensitive skin types. These are infused with collagen and antioxidants that help the skin with the recovery process besides hydrating it. These are more suitable for the skin which needs hydration more than detoxification and firmness.

3) Clay Mask

Clay mask delivers moisturizer and restorative respite for the skin which needs detoxification, hydration, and oil (in moderation). These are a great option for normal and oily skin types because it closes the pores of the skin to air and acts as natural plumper for the skin. These are firming, detoxifying, and tightening agents. If your skin has an inflammation issue, a clay mask boosted with clarifying enzymes and/or sulfur act as a treatment against breakouts and redness.

But, a clay mask usually leaves residue behind. So, make sure you remove the mask, gently.

4) Exfoliating Mask

Exfoliating masks are great for pulling out dead skin cells and removing dirt deep-rooted in your pores, of course gently!

Made up of hydroxy acids and fruit essences, exfoliating masks has natural skin brightening properties that render your skin more health and an instant glow. (Believe me, it is short-lived mostly)!

5) Cream Face Mask

Cream face masks apt for normal to dry skin benefits by enriching with oils and moisture. The creamy texture easily penetrates deeply and replenishes dry cells. Cream masks available from different brands contain hyaluronic acid which has an added benefit of attracting and binding the moisture in skin cells to make it appear plump.

Some masks are laden with algae extract which tightens and firms the skin.

Join us and grab these mini packs, specially designed “me moments” to amid life’s hush & gush.

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