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Be You. Be Different.

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If someone asks you- what is beauty? How would you answer it? This question has been around since the dawn of time. Generations of men and women have asked the same question, but they always found a different answer. You are the soul of the millennial generation. What would your answer be?

If you look back, you will realise how the definition of beauty has changed over time. Look as far back as you can, what do you see? There was a time when physical appearance was the scale on which everyone was judged. Facial features and skin tone was the most significant criteria. And this leads to some of the most extreme prejudiced events in the history of time.

Look back at all the racial discrimination that history has in store for you, don’t you think it was a result of a biased judgement based on physical appearance. There have been numerous idols who fought against this and redefined the standards of beauty.

Soon the concept of physical appearance was replaced with mental ability. The face is, for now, the mind is forever, became the new motto. This revolution didn’t happen overnight. Women had to raise their voice and choose their battles to bring about this change. The basic idea behind this is that you can definitely fall in love with a face. But when you love the mind, it is easier to stay in love forever.

Most leading beauty company adopted this idea, and this became the main motto of their campaign. Yet, a revolution has to come from within. Most women, we still none receptive towards the idea. It was primarily because they were afraid and dominated. With time things seemed to easy. Women didn’t have to stick to a strict schedule to maintain their appearance.

If you compare it to where we are right now, you will appreciate how far we have come. How confident the upcoming generations are. But still, we cannot say that age-old beauty standards have been eradicated from the root!

If you look deep enough, you will realise the hypocrisy that modern-day fashion companies demonstrate. They might appear extremely ‘pro-body’- love and support to all body shapes and sizes. But then only hire skinny models. In comparison tall, slender and glamorous, there are barely any bulky models who are promoted. And they are gorgeous. They might not have a skinny figure, but that does not mean they aren’t pretty. We are yet to cross this barrier; we are headed towards it!

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