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Change the Stigma.

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Previously, practicing beauty regimen and using variety of skincare products was mainly limited to women. But the fact is that men do have rough skin, which loses its shine and prone to cracks and peels with time due to long time neglect. The last few years however, witnessed a significant change in the mindset of men of all ages across the globe. There have emerged several brands that have come up with wide range of beauty products designed specially for men. Beauty & personality experts do agree to the fact that there is no harm in a guy taking care of his skin & looks. As a matter of fact, beauty has no barriers.

Men Skincare products came into because there was a need. And it is not only about maintaining healthy glowing skin; it is also about breaking the barrier. If you think deeply, you will realize that this change was introduced right about the time when the female beauty industry was undergoing significant changes. They decided to expand their market start producing men products.

Due to regular shaving men’s skin start to develop dark patches and have tougher tone. Using only an after shave lotion is not just sufficient. Beauty experts recommend using organic face oils or facial gel after shaving. Those who are stressed with work and long time shifts do experience eye bags and puffy eyes. Using under eye creams created exclusively for men’s harsh skin can treat such issues. Men’s skin tends to tan more easily when compared to that of women. Therefore, it will be wise for men to apply day creams regularly especially the ones with SPF. Men’s skin also requires proper & timely hydration. One major problem causing dry patches & breakouts is skin dehydration. The solution to avoid such common issues is using hydrating sheet masks. Some may consider it to be a feminine thing. But the truth is that there are masks available exclusively for men. Using it regularly at night allows your skin to breathe as well as to prevent dryness.

Undoubtedly, the introduction and mass usage of Male skincare products is indicative of progress. We have broken the stereotypes which used to tie us in chains and have made our first move towards a better tomorrow. Skincare is just the beginning; there are many other fields which need a hint of our modern thinking. If there is something that male skincare products say, it is- Beauty is for all!



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