Frequently asked questions

How do I personalise my box?
You can fill out your skin type questionnaire by visiting our ‘Subscribe’ page or simply let us know in the checkout page.

What is in the box?
We are specialising in Asian sheet masks, you will receive 4 different masks fulfilling your very own skin needs monthly after you subscribe to us.

When will I receive the box?
After you’ve completed your subscription, we will start setting up and activating your account, this can take 1-2 days you will receive emails with process updates. So there is nothing for you to worry about! You will receive your very own box within the month, once we dispatched your box, you should expect it within 3-5 working days. Please note that our delivery dates are estimates only, we cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping delays. Please note that orders in progress cannot be cancelled.

Is there a gift option?
Yes, we do! Simply click on the gift option when you go on to the cart page.

Shipping Cost?
If you live within the UK, delivery cost is £3.50 per box per month, within Europe costs starting from £8 per box per month.

Paying methods:
We are using Stripe platform, currently accepting major credit / debit cards across 135 currencies.