We Don't Need Labels, We Are Beautiful.

Every day, we are bombarded with images of perfection – perfect lives, bodies, children, and the list goes on. These images are hard to live by. No wonder charities are warning about escalating health problems in the youth. To protect ourselves against this onslaught of perfection, we are taught not to focus on our appearance too much.

“We don’t need labels, we are beautiful” that’s a chant we are taught to sing. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by labels. People will label you dumb, fake, loud, shy, fat, and so many more. Instead of being defined by others, we must define ourselves and that starts with self-confidence.

Confidence and Appearance

Self-confidence is linked with our appearance. It is directly related to how much you like yourself and how much you admire your personal attributes, qualities, and physical appearance. Some of us can never fathom leaving the house in the morning with dark circles under our eyes or dry and dull skin. Why? Because we don’t have the confidence to feel calm and comfortable to show ourselves to others, express effectively, or accomplish what we are truly capable of.

To Feel Beautiful, You Must Look Beautiful

But does tweaking your appearance means you are putting a label on yourself? No! If putting on make-up makes you feel good about yourself, go for it! If a certain way of dressing boosts your self-esteem, you have every right to dress that way.

People say what one must focus on is inner beauty. In reality, outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty. We are living in a free world and we have the freedom to look beautiful to feel beautiful. However, YOU define what’s beautiful not your parents, not your friends and not the society. There should be no judgment whatsoever.

Be you, be happy, be different. All ways, always.