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Self Pampering.

4 mins

For most people, they start every week with great visions about themselves. However, before the week runs out, they’re already demeaning their self-worth. They are already battling with thoughts like ‘I’m worthless’,’I wish everyone respect me who am I am’ and lots more

If you’ve spared some time for self-pampering, those thoughts may not be on your mind.

That’s because self-pampering can help you to :

  1. boost your self-esteem: When you create special attention for your self ,you understand and appreciate yourself better. Of course, you will be chanced to think about all the things you’ve accomplished and felt proud of them.
  1. ease tensions from work and daily life activities and or bad situations: Self-pampering help you have periods of time when you are neither involved in office-related activities, nor considering getting some assignments completed. It offers you a chance to replenish your lost energy and also return to our pre-stress level of functioning.
  1. makes you stay alert, positive, and more productive. Self-pampering can help you create some boundaries between work and home life. By so doing, you will be able to reduce the potential for work-life conflict and stay more active at work.
  1. makes you a better social being you are; the re-engineering effects of self-pampering extends to our social lives too – it encourages healthy conversations between us and our relatives.

Perhaps you’re already excited about the benefits of self-pampering and would love to cultivate the habit, below are some ways you can pamper yourself :

  1. Creating a private time for yourself: Out of your busy schedules, dedicate a special time for yourself. Within this period you can just relax, do nothing else. Relaxing for some time in a day can help you ease the stress and tension already generated from the work and or other daily activities.
  1. Recreation: This is a great time for you to off the anxiety of work and daily activities. During recreations, you can focus on those exercises that make you feel relaxed and happy. Some of which, depending on the individual, include: listening to relaxing music with your eyes closed, even if you are not sleeping ; going for a walk with or without your partner or friend ; play with pets, or other things for fun ; playing football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and others, depending on which game makes you happy ; swimming, site seeing, visitation to recreational park.
  1. Call or stay with friends or partner: Depending on your mind and who makes you feel good to stay with or share your favorite moments with, put a call across to the person, visit him or her, invite them over to be with you. Talk about the good news, good moments, good memories, gossip and laugh together. Where you can and it’s a great idea, relax and enjoy yourself food and drinks together, have enjoyable sex and fun where applicable. However, having sex with that person you feel good about can be so much fun and therapeutic indeed. There are a lot of things to do together, it all depends on what you want and that can make you feel good and relaxed.
  1. Lavish on yourself: In the definition of Self-pampering, it is said, ‘to treat oneself with excessive care’. So, you can go the extra mile to get expensive clothes and or jewelry or cosmetics for yourself.
  1. Go for massage and or physiotherapy care: This will not only make you feel good and relaxed, but will help to improve blood circulation to rejuvenate the body. This must not be done in an expensive centers or hotels, it can be done at home by your partner and or vital others around. But if you can afford to pay the bill, then go ahead for the professional touch.
  1. Take a warm bath; Bubble bath, hot/cold bath, bath salt and or just tub bath, depending on what you want and can afford will make you feel good. You can make the environment better and serene by putting on candles, playing lovely musics, perfume the water and other luxuries as you can afford, just to make sure the experience is good and relaxing.
  1. Go in for hobbies: Such as; Reading, writing, watching movies, farming, meditation, , playing games, and so many other things that can make you feel good and relaxed.

The benefits of self-pampering are wide-ranging. They come in different forms and create various experiences. A great way to encounter them is by working out a plan to try any of the activities stated above. When you try anyone of them, you will be glad you did them.

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